BVN Pesticides Ltd. manufactures and develops pesticides and fertilizers. An owner of our company is BÉVÉEM Pesticides Ltd. which is the successor of the Agrochemical Division of Budapest Chemical Works producing pesticides and fertilizers in Hungary. In year 2006, our company took over all the related fixed assets of Budapest Chemical Works (including patents, documentations, production rights and machinery) as well as human resources with having a substantial production experience.

Currently, we serve only for our local market however, we do believe that our time to sell on export markets has come and we may aim to enhance our business activity abroad. We are convinced that our in-depth knowledge of pesticides and fertilizers coupled with our good amount of tech- nical know-how in production is a solid background to support our ambitions of meeting new customer demands.

Our objective is to identify synergies with product ranges of agrochemical wholesalers enabling both parties to create new value for markets concerned. In regard to this, we are pleased to present you our product list. In case you find any of our products interesting, please let us know to send you more information, prices and delivery conditions targeting perspective long term business relationships.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon,


Dr. Tamás Frühauf  
managing director